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OCCUPATION Ophthalmologist

7421 SW Bridgeport Rd, Suite 200
Tigard, OR 97224

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Fax: (503) 598-7617

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Panhandle State College
P.O. Box 430
Goodwell, Oklahoma 73939

B.S., Chemistry

Medical School

University of Oklahoma School of Medicine
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



Fitzsimons Army Medical Center
Aurora, Colorado



Fitzsimons Army Medical Center
Aurora, Colorado



Emory University
Department of Ophthalmology
Atlanta, Georgia

Cornea & External Disease
Cornea & External Disease Department of Ophthalmology 1982-1983

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS DURATION American Academy of Ophthalmology Fellow 1982-Present American Medical Association Current International Society of Refractive Surgery Current American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons 1997-present Society of Military Ophthalmologists 1980-1993 R. Townley Paton, MD Association, Eye Bank Association of America 1985-1993 Association of University Professors of Ophthalmology 1985-1993 Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology 1985-1993


Medical Director, Rocky Mountain Lions Eye Bank
Denver, Colorado
1984-1995 Board of Directors, Rocky Mountain Ophthalmic Personnel
Denver, Colorado
1988-1995 President, Society of Military Ophthalmologists 1991-1992 Secretary of Certification, Joint Commission on
Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology
1989-1992 Vice President, Joint Commission on
Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology
1992-1993 Medical Standard Policy Committee & Technician Committee
Eye Bank Association of America
1991-1995 Allied Health Committee
` American Academy of Ophthalmology
1994-1999 Clinical/Surgical Consultant
University of South Florida
1999-2000 Clinical/Surgical Consultant
James A. Haley V.A. Hospital, Tampa, FL


American Board of Ophthalmology May 17, 1981 STATUS Current Maintenance of Certification (MOC) STATUS: Track 2 01/01/18- 12/31/27


American Academy of Ophthalmology 1982 STATUS: Active


ID# 490314504 PASSED Sept. 26, 1996


Summit March 1996 VISX-Star October 1996 TLC National Surgeon Training May 1996 Alcon / Autonomous November 2000 Bausch & Lomb February 2002 Physician CustomVue June 2005 VISX Fourier Wavefront Upgrade June 2005


Treatment for Hyperopia & Hyperopic Astigmatism June 2005 Treatment for Mixed Astigmatism June 2005 VISX Iris Registration September 2005 CustomVue: Treatments for High Myopia July 2007 IntraLase Technology October 2007 IntraLase Surgeon LASIK Training October 2007 Alcon WAVELIGHT May 2009 IntraLase iFS Laser System Training March 2016


State of Oregon Issued January 14, 2005 #MD25517 Active State of Indiana Issued March 6, 2013 #01072189A Active State of Utah Issued June 12, 2018 #10866801-1205 Active State of Colorado Issued July 24, 1980 #23187 Inactive State of Georgia Issued August 11, 1982 #23932 Inactive State of N. Carolina Issued December 6, 1995 #95-01516 Inactive State of S. Carolina Issued January 15, 1997 #19060 Inactive State of Florida Issued May 14, 1998 #ME0075699 Inactive State of Washington Issued December 05, 2007 #MD00048186 Inactive MILITARY SERVICE DURATION Army R.O.T.C. Distinguished Military Graduate 1971 Active Duty 1971-1993


Flight Surgeon Staff Fort Hood, Texas 1976-1977 Ophthalmology Residency Fitzsimons Army Medical Center Aurora, Colorado 1977-1980 Ophthalmologist William Beaumont Medical Center
El Paso, Texas
1980-1981 Ophthalmologist Fitzsimons Army Medical Center
Aurora, Colorado
1981-1982 Fellowship Emory University Cornea & External Disease Atlanta, Georgia 1982-1983 Director, Residency Training Program Fitzsimons Army Medical Center
Aurora, Colorado
1983-1989 Chairman, Department of Ophthalmology Fitzsimons Army Medical Center
Aurora, Colorado
1989-1993 Rank Colonel, Medical Corps
United States Army
CHRONOLOGICAL PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES DURATION United States Army Active Duty 1971-1993 Private Practice (Group): Welch and Carter, 1616 15th St, Greeley CO 1993-1995 Private Practice (Group): Southeastern Eye Center, 20/20 Plaza 90
Asheland Ave, Asheville, North Carolina
1995-1998 Private Practice (Group): Ophthalmic Partners of Florida,
44 Lake Beauty Dr. Suite 300, Orlando, Florida
1998-1999 Private Practice (Group): Center for Sight, 1360 E. Venice Avenue ,
Venice, Florida
1999-2000 Private Practice (Solo): Carolina Refractive Surgeons, PLLC
Pineville, North Carolina
2000-2001 Private Practice (Group): Visual Health & Surgical Centers,
2889 10th Avenue North, Lake Worth, Florida
2002-2004 Private Practice (Solo): Cascade Eye Associates, 10001 SE Sunnyside
Rd, Suite 10, Happy Valley, Oregon
2005-2013 Private Practice (Solo): LASIK Plus, 7421 SW Bridgeport Rd, Suite 200,
Tigard, Oregon
2005-2013 Private Practice (Group): Specialty EyeCare of Evansville,
954 S. Kenmore Dr., Evansville, Indiana
2013-2017 Private Practice (Solo): LASIK Plus, 7421 SW Bridgeport Rd, Suite 200
Tigard, Oregon


Steahley LP, Cottingham AJ, Cornell FM: Treatment of Candida Endophthalmitis. Ocular Therapy and Surgery. 9:139-143, 1982.

Results of Penetrating Keratoplasty for Pseudophakic Corneal Edema with Retention of IOL. Ophthalmology. 90, Abstract, 1983.

Prospective Randomized Trial of the Effect of Interrupted vs. Running Sutures on Astigmatism after Keratoplasty. Ophthalmology. 90, Abstract, 1983.

Kozarsky AM, Stulting RD, Waring GO, Cornell FM, Wilson LA, Cavanagh HD: Penetrating Keratoplasty for Exogenous Penetrating Paecilomyces Keratitis Followed by Postoperative Endopthalmitis. American Journal of Ophthalmology. 98:552, 1984.

Van Rij G, Cornell FM, Waring GO, Wilson GA, Beekhuis WH: Postoperative Astigmatism after Central vs. Eccentric Penetrating Keratoplasties. American Journal of Ophthalmology. 99:317-320, 1985.

Mets MB, Parks MM, Freeley DA, Cornell FM: Congenital Absence of the Inferior Rectus Muscle: A Report of Three Cases and Their Management. Binocular Vision. 2 (2): 77-86, 1987.

MaderTH, Chismire KJ, Cornell, FM: The Treatment of an Enlarged Sarcoid Nodule with Injectable Corticosteroids. American Journal of Ophthalmology. 106:365-366, 1988.

Sieck EA, Enzenauer RW, Cornell FM, Brook JD, Butler CE: Contamination of K-Sol Corneal Storage Medium with Propionibacterium Acnes. Archives of Ophthalmology. 107:1023- 1024, 1989.

Enzenauer RW, Cornell FM, Brook JD, Butler CE: Nocardia Asteroids Keratitis: The First Case Associated with Soft Contact Lens Wear and a Review of Ocular Nocardosis. Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmology Journal. 15:71-73, 1989.

Walton WT, Enzenauer RW, Cornell FM: Abortive Cryophthalmos: A Case Report and Review of Cryptophthalmos. Journal of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus. 27:129-132, 1990.

Stock JG, Cornell FM: Prevention of Sports Related Eye Injury. American Family Physicians. 44:515-520, 1990.

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