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Our Mission

At TrustedLASIKSurgeons.com, our primary mission is to assist you in finding LASIK, cataract and refractive surgeons who are the best and most trusted in the United States. Our website is designed with your best vision care in mind. Specifically, Trusted LASIK Surgeons™ seeks to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Assist You in Finding Local LASIK Surgeons Who are Among the Best and Most Highly Qualified in the U.S.

    Our primary objective is to assist patients like you who are looking for the best vision care in finding eye surgeons in your local area as well as regional who are among the leaders in LASIK and other refractive surgery procedures The surgeons featured at Trusted LASIK Surgeons™ are dedicated to putting you and your vision first.
  2. To List Eye Surgeons Who are Among the Best and Most Trusted in the United States.

    Due to our unique screening process, we are continually forging special and exclusive listings of the top LASIK and refractive surgeons who offer the best and most comprehensive refractive surgery treatments available. Because eye surgeons must meet our unique screening qualifications in order to be listed in our directory, very few are eligible. Although not every eyes surgeon who qualifies to be in our Directory is in fact listed at our web site, you can be assured that the LASIK surgeons in our directory are among the best in the United States. In addition, unlike other LASIK and vision marketing web sites, doctors cannot “buy their way in” to be listed at www.TrustedLASIKSurgeons.com.

    For more information about our screening criteria please see How Are Surgeons Qualified at Trusted LASIK Surgeons?
  3. To Provide An Invaluable Resource of LASIK and Refractive Procedures for Consumers.

    Due to our unmatched screening process, Trusted LASIK Surgeons™ can be your trusted resource for LASIK, cataract surgery or another refractive surgery procedure. Please browse our site, download our free reports, and visit our LASIK Surgeons Directory™ and our Cataract Surgeons Directory™ Our goal is to inform you of all vision correction procedures, not just LASIK. We want you to find the best LASIK surgeon for you. We believe the criteria we use in screening surgeons in our LASIK directory will give you a means to help evaluate and compare LASIK surgeons you may be considering to perform your procedure.

To find a vision correction expert surgeon who has qualified to be listed at Trusted LASIK Surgeons™ in another area, please visit:

Find a Trusted LASIK Surgeon

The screening process and standards used by Trusted LASIK Surgeons™ can be found at:

How Are Lasik Eye Surgeons Qualified at Trusted LASIK Surgeons?

Trusted LASIK Surgeons™

Trusted LASIK Surgeons™ is an online business that provides LASIK and Cataract Surgeon directories and consumer resources concerning eyesight and vision correction as well as a Consumer Checklist for the True Cost of LASIK.

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