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TrustedLASIKSurgeons.com is a web site owned and operated by the Preferred Doctors Network, Inc. ("PDN"), a Nevada corporation, d/b/a Trusted LASIK Surgeons.

Preferred Doctors Network, Inc. (d/b/a Trusted LASIK Surgeons™ and Trusted Cataract Surgeons™) was founded by James J. Salz, M.D., Lance E. McCloud, and James M. Salz (the son, not the doc), who have also served as officers and directors of our company.

Founders and Officers

Dr. James J. Salz, M.D 
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer (in memorial)

Dr. James J. Salz, M.D, passed away on March 19, 2022.  Dr. Salz had over 40 years of experience in corneal refractive surgery and has been honored with the Barraquer Award, the most prestigious honor awarded by the International Society of Refractive Surgery to a refractive surgeon, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award. Both are among the top international honors that are awarded to eye surgeons for their contributions to the field of refractive surgery.

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Facebook Tribute to Dr. James J. Salz by his son (James M Salz)

Dr. Salz was one of the principal investigators for the FDA trials involving the use of lasers to successfully and safely correct most vision problems. As a leading spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology, Dr. Salz has appeared on the Today Show, CNN, PBS, TV news programs and was quoted extensively in major ophthalmology publications and other national magazines (such as Newsweek and Life) in the USA and abroad.

Because of his conservative philosophy to refractive surgery, other laser vision and cataract surgeons regular sought out Dr. Salz's expertise and opinions for patients in their own practices.

He was chief editor for 2 books on refractive surgery and has contributed numerous book chapters for ophthalmology publications, He has also published over 110 scientific articles on the subjects of refractive and cataract surgery.

He served as a volunteer surgeon and lecturer on Project Orbis, the flying eye hospital, in Yugoslavia, India and Cuba and recently was a volunteer surgeon for Liga, The Flying Doctors of Mercy, in El Fuerte, Mexico.

As a highly respected international lecturer and educator, he was an invited lecturer and instructor at over 250 eye meetings botyh nationally and internationally.

Dr. Salz received his medical degree from Duke University and completed his internship and ophthalmology residency at the University of Southern California (USC) L.A. County Medical Center where he continued to volunteer as Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology for over 40 years.

James Michael Salz, Esq.,
Founder, President and V.P. of Business and Legal Affairs

James Michael Salz (a.k.a. the “son not the Doc” (Salz)) is a corporate attorney. Jim has over 20 years of extensive experience working with start-up companies and performing in-house corporate legal services for private and public companies.

Jim began his career working in insurance fraud as independent counsel where the primary objective was to find the truth for higher than normal claims in connection with car accidents and home theft.

After a few years, Jim launched his own practice in the music industry. He represented various independent artists, producers, and music publishers, including the company that owned publishing rights in such timeless songs as “The Girl From Ipanema” and “Killing Me Softly (With His Song)”. During this period, Jim also worked as an independent A&R consultant, searching for new music talent for MCA Records and recommend several bands (Creed, Johnny Lang, the Presidents of the United States of America) that went platinum (over 1 million sales). Unfortunately, MCA Records passed on these artists and who were signed by other record companies who helped make them successful.

In 1998, Jim made a career switch into the hi-tech business sector. Since then, he has provided strategy and legal services to various Internet start-up companies (both in-house and independently) on a wide range of matters, including general corporate work and compliance, business development, strategic alliances and partnerships, financing, intellectual property, licensing, employment, and SEC compliance for public companies. Mr. Salz has also handled the drafting, preparation, and issuance of SEO press releases for several companies.

Mr. Salz received a B.A. in Communication Studies at U.C.L.A. (Cum Laude) and a J.D. degree at Loyola Law School of Los Angeles. Mr. Salz has been a practicing attorney for over 25 years.

Lance McCloud
Co-Founder, VP of Marketing & Technology

Lance McCloud brings over 25 years of business strategy and development, direct and online marketing, and high tech experience to Trusted LASIK Surgeons.

Upon graduating UCLA, Lance, a native of Los Angeles worked in film production. However, when he recognized the Internet’s potential in 1994, he returned to UCLA to study statistics and new media technology and shortly thereafter began working with the founder of GEO Cities.

After GeoCities, which was purchased by Yahoo, Lance served in various capacities at several successful start-ups during the first boom in the Internet industry.Following this, Lance spent over 7 years working for a national firm where he provided strategic e-business training as well as Internet and technical education to major accounting firms (including KPMG and Ernst & Young), multi-national corporations, and organizations as well as branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. JPL, and other government agencies. Lance served as a subject matter expert and lead online trainer helping executives and MBA degree employees get "up to speed" in e-commerce, online marketing, and web development. Lance also provided training in IT, Internet architecture and IT project management.

In 1999, Lance began focusing on building his own boutique firm, LanceThink Media, whose clients included multi-national firms as well as small business start-ups.

Mr. McCloud is honored to be working with Dr. Salz and his son Jim. Lance and Jim have experienced a long-standing mutually beneficial working relationship as well as a close friendship. Lance is pleased to be working in a business where he can help people who want or need to see better find the top LASIK and refractive surgeons and looks forward to expanding the business.

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