Lasik Surgery Risk Factors

If you are considering LASIK surgery to help provide you with sharper vision, it’s important to understand the risks, complications, and who is most likely to experience these. When you visit us at Trusted LASIK Surgeons in Los Angeles, CA, we will provide you with more information regarding the procedure and examine your eyes to determine if you qualify for the surgery. In the meantime, you can learn more about the risk factors below:

Lasik surgery risk factor

General Information About LASIK

Serious complications from LASIK eye surgery, such as a loss of vision, is rare. However, some issues may occur, like seeing a glare, and these are common. These tend to subside over time and most people notice that these concerns resolve on their own within the first few weeks or months after the surgery. If you happen to have any side effects that are lasting for a longer period of time, you can consult with our surgeons for treatment.


You may notice during the first six months of your surgery that your eyes feel drier than usual, which could affect how well you can see. You might also notice halos, experience glare, or have double vision, which usually affects your night vision. Those who experience these side effects may have them for a few days or weeks. 

Some people don’t receive enough correction, while others receive too much or might develop astigmatism if an uneven amount was removed. There is also a possibility of infection and excess tears occurring. If you have long-term side effects that are causing discomfort, our surgeons can speak with you about treatments that can provide relief or the possibility of retreatment.

Factors That Increase Your Risk of Complications 

Some people are at a greater risk of complications, some to the point where an ophthalmologist won’t recommend the surgery. In some cases, the person may just be at a higher risk but not enough so that LASIK surgery is inadvisable. No matter which one of the many LASIK surgeons you choose, you’ll receive a comprehensive evaluation before you may receive the surgery. 

Before LASIK surgery, our surgeons will assess the following:

  • Autoimmune disorders or weakened immune system
  • Recent vision changes related to hormonal changes, age, or pregnancy
  • Dry Eye symptoms
  • Inflammation in your cornea or certain eye diseases, such as glaucoma

Other risk factors that may affect your eligibility include:

  • Overall good vision or severe nearsightedness
  • Thin corneas
  • Larger than average pupils

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If you’re considering LASIK surgery and want more information on possible risks, Trusted LASIK Surgeons in Los Angeles, CA, would be happy to answer any of your questions. Contact us today to learn about the procedure and to schedule your consultation! 


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