FAQ About Cataract Surgery

Cataracts are a cloudy area that forms in the lens of your eye and are more likely to occur as you age. Eye injuries and other eye problems may also increase your risk of getting cataracts. You may need a cataract operation from an ophthalmologist since cataracts can interfere with your vision. At Trusted LASIK Surgeons, we can help you find cataract surgeons near you with our trusted cataract surgeon directory. Here are some frequently asked questions about cataracts and cataract surgery.


Why Do You Get Cataracts?

You will usually develop cataracts as you age. You can get an eye cataract when the proteins in your lens slowly break down. These proteins turn into clumps that can restrict your vision. Cataracts cause cloudy areas to form on your lens, making it harder to see. You can have cataracts in just one eye or both eyes. 

Eye injuries and eye diseases, such as glaucoma, can also cause cataracts. Your risk of having an eye cataract goes up with certain risk factors. These risk factors include being a smoker, having diabetes or other health problems, and having a family history of cataracts. Other risk factors include eye injuries, frequent exposure to the sun’s UV rays, and steroid medications. 

You should see an ophthalmologist if you have signs of cataracts, such as blurry vision or increased light sensitivity. Other signs of cataracts include seeing halos around lights, seeing colors as faded, or having double vision.

Is Cataract Surgery Painful?

Eye surgeons take several steps to minimize discomfort from cataract surgery. Your eye surgeon will give you a local anesthetic to numb the affected area. These are eye drops placed in the affected eye. You might also take a mild sedative to help you stay relaxed during your cataract operation. You may feel a bit of soreness or a gritty sensation in the affected eye after the anesthetic and sedative wears off. You should only feel these side effects for a day. You can take over-the-counter pain relievers to ease your discomfort. 

How Long Does It Take to Recover From Cataract Surgery?

Recovering from cataract surgery may take several weeks for a full recovery. You might have blurry vision, but this improves within a few days. Cataract surgeons near you will provide instructions for caring for your eye as it heals. You should avoid driving until you recover from your cataract operation and limit your activities as you recover. 

Find Cataract Surgeons Near You for a Cataract Operation

Cataracts can make it challenging to enjoy your hobbies and go through your day-to-day life, so if you are looking for cataract surgeons near you, Trusted LASIK Surgeons can help. Please visit https://trustedlasiksurgeons.com/ and use our directory to find eye surgeons near you who can treat your cataracts and have you feeling like yourself again.

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